San Diego Dental Design Experience is the answer to your dental laboratory needs. Let us demonstrate our experience by allowing us to partner with you in a long-term business relationship.

My name is Oscar Macedo and I started the San Diego Dental Design Laboratory in late 2007 with the goal of building the finest dental lab in San Diego. Thanks to the experience I’ve acquired from various dental laboratories, I’ve been able to serve in the Dentistry industry for over 15 years now. I’m here to help you and am available to discuss case planning, quality and service at any time you call the lab.

Exciting new technological developments are revolutionizing the dental laboratory industry. The technology, materials and techniques may be changing but the concepts of occlusion, fit, contact and proper contours remain the same. So let our dental laboratory help you create that perfect case for your patient.

When you call or email San Diego Dental Design for information about a case, you’re directly connected to the professional responsible for your case. This means you get the right answers from a trusted dental laboratory.

San Diego Dental Design
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